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ARSOME Technology develops luxury brands, retail stores, real estate, games, and communities in the metaverse. Allow customers to learn, shop, experience, and take advantage of your brand in the metaverse.

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We’re discoverers, developers, strategists, and guides, and the Metaverse is where we live.

Design a personalized world, where customers, students and followers experience your brand and products on an experiential journey through the metaverse.

Bring your physical products into the metaverse by designing a 3D, immersive experience that enhances the product’s story, value, experience, and features.

Bring Your Collectible To Life With AR

John loves his rap CD and decides to authenticate and track ownership of it with an NFT so he can feel confident when selling, trading, or protecting his collectible asset over time. He also brings his favorite CD to life in augmented reality for family and friends to relive the music’s memory during holidays. John realizes that augmented reality provides a unique experience and a significant boost in desirability and value of the CD. The value of the collectible asset yielded a 20% return last month and John is now ready to cash-in on his collectible so he registered with an NFT marketplace to trade or sell his CD.

Jane, an environmentalist and activist, collects augmented reality animals, like the Beluga Whale and Octopus. She decides to NFT each animal and start an NFT community with a mission. Jane can authenticate, track, sell and trade her animal NFTs to other people interested in joining her community or promoting her mission. As a value add, she can also bring the animals to life with augmented reality for a more valuable NFT and collector experience. Jane understands to only design and sell a limited amount of animal NFTs to ensure her community grows in demand and monetary value, which she will then use to re-invest and promote her mission.

Whether you’re an individual collector, artist or innovator or a venerable brand with instant name recognition, NFTs can open new doors to you. Learn more about NFTs.

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