Dr. Salvatore Menzo, the superintendent of the Connecticut-based Goodwin University Magnet School System, understands the desire to be considered a pioneer. After all, no one wants to be like those naysayers in the 1990s who dismissed the World Wide Web as a mere fad. “We have to consider how we can best use technology to achieve our mission and encourage students to learn and grow,” he asserts. “How can it help our educators collaborate and innovate? Will it serve all members of our community no matter what their strengths and weaknesses? Does it meet a real need, rather than just a perceived need?”

Menzo also realizes that in answering those hard questions, it pays to have a trusted tech partner. That’s why he reached out to ARSOME, a company with deep roots in Connecticut and a firm knowledge of the EdTech landscape. “With ARSOME’s help, we’re currently adding augmented and virtual reality elements to our music, art, and computer science curricula,” he says. “ARSOME’s technologists adhere to the tenets of Design Thinking, which keeps the end user foremost in mind, and they understand that safety and privacy are foundational when working with students.”

Menzo is also now convening an advisory team of parents, administrators, teachers, and students who will explore the future direction of Metaverse efforts there. “We are taking things methodically and know that we are in good hands with ARSOME,” he says. “We’re ready to build what our community wants and needs.”

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